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How To Get: Flawless Perfect Pins

Now if you are from England then you know we haven’t had a summer this year. It’s mainly rained and been very depressing, but us Brits love to make the most of one day of sun and we never really have much warning! So this is just a guide for if you want to take on the shirt and shorts trend on how to get perfect pins instantly.

Okay, so hopefully you know you are going somewhere nice and the weather will be good the night before so here are the steps to follow for perfect pins:

1.) De-fuzz, this can be by any method you prefer, I personally like to use hair removal cream as shaving brings me out in a rash.

2.) Exfoliate, if you are going to use a fake tan afterwards don’t use a scrub with oil in and remember to do your feet!

3.) Fake tan, whether you like a dark tan or something light such as ‘Dove Summer Glow’ apply this the night before, a tan for your legs looks great even if you are darker skinned as it evens the complexion.

So now your legs will be looking pretty gorgeous the next day and most people would stop there, but if you are going somewhere really special and want your legs to be a real feature then you need to do these two steps:

4.) Apply body make up such as ‘MAC Face and Body Foundation’ this will even out any redder parts, bruises or blemishes and give you a flawless look like Caroline Flack who has reportedly sworn by the stuff.

5.) To finish if you were really wanting your legs to make an impact then use a body highlighter of shimmer just down the centre of your legs in a strip this makes your legs look thinner and also gives them a healthy sheen.

So you may have wanted to stop after number three or perhaps you are looking for a more flawless look, either way I can assure you people will be looking at those pins!!