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Maybelline BB Cream Review


Recently I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I bought it from the local Tesco after seeing the great reviews online and also the very persuasive advert! So here is my review of this bb cream and what I think about it after a one week trial.

The consistency is very strange, it feels quite dry yet you only need a small amount to cover the whole face so it spreads very well.

Skin type
The bb cream is more like a tinted moisturiser rather than a bb cream and whilst it gives a lovely glow, if you have a dry skin you would definitely need to apply a moisturiser. I have oily skin and only needed to use this all day and I didn’t need to re-apply. I tried it on my sister and she found it too dry and so the next day tried it with her usual moisturiser and it worked much better.

Sun protection
The sun protection is great for everyday as it is SPF 30 and so no need for the extra step of a sun cream or moisturiser if you have oily to normal skin.

Compliments skin tone
I have very pale skin without fake tan and chose the light colour although the lady in Tesco told me to get universal glow which was orange!The colour matched my skin perfectly and after a couple of minutes the colour settled and looked just like my skin only better.

Hydrates all day
As stated before I have oily skin and this worked great for me, my sister has dry skin and when using it the first day on its own she had to moisturise again by dinner time.

Blurs imperfections
I have a large amount of redness in my skin around my nose and on my cheeks which it really blurred. For every day I haven’t been using concealer but if I am going shopping I have to put a bit on.

Feels fresh
With this you feel like you have nothing on at all. It is the most comfortable moisturiser I have worn.

£7.99 and one I will definitely purchase again. This is the most satisfied I have been with any drugstore product.