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My New Fitness Routine


Recently I have noticed a few areas of concern that I wanted to tone up. The main ones being my bum, legs and stomach.

I have always been happy with my size and have been lucky to be around a size 8-10 for as long as I can remember, however having IBS has meant that sometimes I look bloated which has always been something I have been self conscious of. I also have a really flat small bum which I would like to look a bit curvier.

So my boyfriend had an operation and just got out of the hospital and can’t do a lot of exercise and I am not sure quite what needs to be done but the two of us have started to get in shape.

It all started with a pedometer app on my iPhone which basically calculates the amount of steps you take, translates it in to kilometres and tells you the calories you have burnt. You can input your measurements and a goal weight and it can calculate how much walking you need to do each day.

So a couple of nights ago we went to buy trainers and decided we would start walking.

Luckily where we both live has a park close by and so we have been managing to do 3 kilometres. We found according to our pedometer doing this each night after our evening meal we can burn up to 200 calories! How easy?! not a sweat broke and keeping fit also.

As he continues to recover we are going to try swimming and other things, he basically wants to tone his stomach and also make his chest and arms a bit bigger.

So I would be really interested about your keep fit tips, considering the areas we want to tone do you have any ideas of some exercise we can do? Let me know in the comments below 🙂