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Clear Skin In 5 Easy Steps

Acne and spots are problems we have all encountered at some point in our lives (unless of course you are really lucky). I have always struggled with spots and they can crop up anywhere on your body not just your face. I am now 22 and have only just managed to sort out my skin and it has been much clearer for some time. I still have problems with my skin but often these are hormone based and I know when I will be getting an attack of acne. The main thing to remember is a great skin routine will work wonders at keeping your skin clear the majority of the time, so if you do have hormonal break outs then your skin is clear to begin with and you may only get a couple of spots that are easy to cover. 

Okay so here are my 5 steps, the work for me and may not work for you but they are worth a try:

1: Sudocreme- If I have a large spot or a rash of a few spots and need to get rid of them overnight then this product creates the most difference. It is really cheap to buy and specifically states can be used on acne so of course would work on normal spots too and is entirely safe for your face. I dab the cream on to the spot, rub in and the next day the spot has reduced by around half of its size. This may just be my skin but it is worth a try as it is so cheap to buy. 

2: Cleanse twice- You don’t have to use expensive cleansers but you really need to make sure that all of your make-up is gone. In my experience problem skin is often due to not taking my make-up off correctly. For instance, if you think about sleeping in your make up after you have been out, (which i would recommend never doing by the way!) often you can wake up with a spot or two from your pores clogging. So if you imagine your skin not being cleansed properly this will have the same effect. So cleanse twice to make sure all of your make-up is removed.

3: Don’t use harsh products- If your skin feels tight after you have washed it you are damaging it. If you are using alcohol based toners or soapy face washes then stop now. Drying out your skin causes you to produce more oil which can clog pores creating spots. I recommend using cleansing milks and oils rather than face washes. If you do use a face wash just make sure your skin doesn’t feel tights afterwards. It doesn’t mean your skin is clean if it feels tight it means that your skin is stinging from the ingredients. 

4: Don’t pick!- I know how much you may want to pick a spot but it the worst thing you can do. Picking and squeezing causes scarring and actually takes longer for the spot to heal. It scabs and then leaves a scar and you will find you can cover with concealer the spot much better without it being scabbed and at night time treat the spot and you will notice a difference by the next day. 

5: Treat yourself to a facial massage once a week. Use cleansing oil and massage your face starting with your cheeks and massaging upwards, then your forehead, then up your neck. Use a warm muslin cloth or flannel and remove the oil and then massage some moisturizer in.  This improves the circulation of your skin and will remove dead skin cells as well as rejuvenating your skin. Perfect to wake up dull skin and give it extra vibrancy and in turn helps with cell production which helps with clearer skin.