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Getting A Kate Middleton Blow Dry

Getting a Kate Middleton blow dry looks like a hard task. Her hair is so beautifully coifed it seems that other than spending 40 minutes at the hands of a celebrity hairdresser this look would be impossible to do at home.

We all saw Kate Middleton and Andy Murray’s girlfriend at Wimbledon parading there fabulous blow dries. Kate had gone for a more ‘done’ look whereas the tennis stars girlfriend had opted for a more relaxed blow dry.

Creating this look at home:

Step 1:
After washing your hair thoroughly in the shower and washing out all of your conditioner thoroughly apply a thickening cream or spray to the roots or if you have thick hair a smoothing cream.

Step 2:
Rough dry your hair till it is half dry using your fingers and your hair dryer.

Step 3:
Section your hair into small sections (the size that would fit around a medium or large roller) then using a hair dryer with a nozzle and a round brush pull the hair downwards in the brush slowly, smoothing the hair shaft downwards.

Step 4:
After each section is dried put a large Velcro roller in straight away and clip. Your hair should wrap around your roller and be rolled under for best results. This will make sure your hair stays in and is what gives it that celebrity blow dry look.

Step 5:
Once you have finished the whole head in rollers wait for them to cool completely before removing.

Voila! A Kate Middleton blow dry.