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Looks for Brown Eyes.

Purple eyeshadow as demonstrated by Kim Kardashian:

Purple is a colour that makes brown eyes really stand out, especially if your eyes are darker brown, the more highly pigmented the eyeshadow the better, as a little sparkle makes eyes look like there shining.

MAC Products recommended: cranberry for the lid, beauty marked for the crease, sushi flower for the tear duct.

Green Eyeshadow as shown here by Taylor Swift:

Green Eyeshadow works well with Blue, Green, Hazel and Brown eyes the trick is the darker your eyes the darker green you would use.

MAC products recommended for brown eyes: Swimming for the lid, Greensmoke for the Crease and Ricepaper for theĀ  tear duct.

Gold and Brown Eyes as shown here by Rihanna:Gold and Brown pick out the colour and brown eyes and make them look healthy and shiny and are also a perfect festive or party look, these colours look great on dark skin like Rihanna’s but also on fairer skin.

MAC Products recommended: Woodwinked for the lid, Omega or Brown Script for the crease and either Amber Lights or Ricepaper for that Gold highlight which can be placed on the tear duct or the centre of the lid.