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How To Trim Your Own Split Ends/ Cut Your Own Hair

This is just a quick guide about cutting your own hair at home. We all know that each time you go to the hairdressers you spend a minimum (in England) of £100.00 for your colour and cut. How on earth do us girls manage to afford this every two months? Especially if you are trying to grow your hair long and need regular trims.

Well I have a trick that my sister who is a hairdresser taught me. All you have to do is grab small sections of hair around a quarter of an inch. Twist those sections tightly until the frayed and split hairs try to make a bid for freedom. This gives you a good view of your split ends. Then all you need to do is lightly trim those frayed hairs keeping your hair twisted. When it come to the end of  that twisted piece give the very end (I am talking less than a cm) a trim just to make sure it all looks lovely and then release that piece of hair. You should notice it makes a huge difference without looking like a blunt cut. I do this to my hair all over, especially my fringe 6 weeks after a cut and it means I can go 12 weeks without a full cut. This is especially useful if you are trying to grow your hair long as usually when you go to the hairdressers they just start chopping masses of hair off and you don’t feel like you can say ‘My beautiful hair!! STOP!’.

I hope you found this useful. Here it is in easy steps:

1: Take a piece of hair around a quarter of an inch thick

2: Twist that piece of hair till you can see the split ends sticking out

3: Trim those pieces of hair that are sticking out

4: Trim a very small amount from the ends

Remember don’t go crazy. You don’t want a bob if your hair was shoulder length. Always cut off less than you think you need so you don’t regret it. But once you have done it once it’s so easy you may keep on doing it to save yourself some money!