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Looking Good Without Make-Up

Looking good and feeling great when wearing no make up isn’t something we can all do. A lot of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian look great without make up because their skin is a great colour and they are blessed with no discolouration but for the average person removing your make up can be a difficult task.

I remember when my boyfriend saw me without make up for the first time and I was so scared to show my skin underneath, so this blog is if you want to be able to have a make up free day and still look good.

Step 1:
We all know the benefits of drinking lots of water and eating fruit and vegetables but it is definitely true when it comes to your skin, nails and hair. Eating right and drinking water really helps the skin.

Step 2:
Exercise is another great health tip which improves the look of your skin as it does a lot for your circulation.

Step 3:
White teeth make anyone’s skin look great as they attract attention towards your mouth and away from your imperfections. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, buy some white strips or a great toothpaste that will whiten your teeth, no matter whether they are straight or not whitened teeth make you look healthy and more attractive. No one cares if they aren’t straight but it is nice for then to look clean and healthy.

Step 4:
Groom your eyebrows. The first time you do it go to a brow bar and get it done. The first time may cost you but after that you can pluck them yourself and stick to the shape. The brow bar can suggest a shape for your face. Groomed eyebrows frame the face and there is a reason some of the most beautiful women like Audrey Hepburn made such a focus on there eyebrows.

Step 5:
Keep your face and body moisturised, wether you choose to use a facial oil or moisturiser then make sure you cleanse thoroughly and moisturise twice a day. Don’t use any products that leave your skin tight and red afterwards.

And finally if you want to cheat and look really great a moisturiser with a hint of fake tan evens the skin tone and gives you a luminous look you can pretend you have all the time! But really that is cheating!


Natural Hair Care

So recently I have been thinking about starting back on making weekly masks for my hair as it seems to have stopped its growth spurt and I am desperate to grow out my fringe and my hair a bit longer so I can cut in some layers.

Here are my favourite natural hair masks that I believe work in conditioning your hair.

1: First of all is oiling your hair. I know I have mentioned it before but it is the most important thing you can do for your hair to make it thick and long and strong. You can use any oils such as Macademia oil, olive oil or almond. Any oils will work wonders if yu rub them into the scalp and the ends of your hair and leave on for a few hours or overnight.

2: Egg masks are also great for your hair if a little more messy. All you need is one large egg and simply beat it together the yolk and the white and apply to your hair, they say for around 30 minutes but I usually just leave the mixture on until it starts to dry.

3: Try an avocado hair mask to add some fullness to you hair. Now this one is really messy and to be honest I think its more of a special occasion mask as it can get everywhere! All you need to do is beat the flesh of an avocado with a tablespoon of honey and some olive oil. Leave in for 20 minutes to half an hour and then wash out with a gentle shampoo.

Try any of these natural hair treatments and you should start to feel fantastic! I recommend doing them once a week every week for 6 weeks before you see a dramatic improvement but you should see results straight away. Make sure you keep having regular trims also. Every 6 weeks for hair that grows quickly and 12 weeks if you hair grows slowly.