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Maybelline BB Cream Review


Recently I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I bought it from the local Tesco after seeing the great reviews online and also the very persuasive advert! So here is my review of this bb cream and what I think about it after a one week trial.

The consistency is very strange, it feels quite dry yet you only need a small amount to cover the whole face so it spreads very well.

Skin type
The bb cream is more like a tinted moisturiser rather than a bb cream and whilst it gives a lovely glow, if you have a dry skin you would definitely need to apply a moisturiser. I have oily skin and only needed to use this all day and I didn’t need to re-apply. I tried it on my sister and she found it too dry and so the next day tried it with her usual moisturiser and it worked much better.

Sun protection
The sun protection is great for everyday as it is SPF 30 and so no need for the extra step of a sun cream or moisturiser if you have oily to normal skin.

Compliments skin tone
I have very pale skin without fake tan and chose the light colour although the lady in Tesco told me to get universal glow which was orange!The colour matched my skin perfectly and after a couple of minutes the colour settled and looked just like my skin only better.

Hydrates all day
As stated before I have oily skin and this worked great for me, my sister has dry skin and when using it the first day on its own she had to moisturise again by dinner time.

Blurs imperfections
I have a large amount of redness in my skin around my nose and on my cheeks which it really blurred. For every day I haven’t been using concealer but if I am going shopping I have to put a bit on.

Feels fresh
With this you feel like you have nothing on at all. It is the most comfortable moisturiser I have worn.

£7.99 and one I will definitely purchase again. This is the most satisfied I have been with any drugstore product.


How To Get: Flawless Perfect Pins

Now if you are from England then you know we haven’t had a summer this year. It’s mainly rained and been very depressing, but us Brits love to make the most of one day of sun and we never really have much warning! So this is just a guide for if you want to take on the shirt and shorts trend on how to get perfect pins instantly.

Okay, so hopefully you know you are going somewhere nice and the weather will be good the night before so here are the steps to follow for perfect pins:

1.) De-fuzz, this can be by any method you prefer, I personally like to use hair removal cream as shaving brings me out in a rash.

2.) Exfoliate, if you are going to use a fake tan afterwards don’t use a scrub with oil in and remember to do your feet!

3.) Fake tan, whether you like a dark tan or something light such as ‘Dove Summer Glow’ apply this the night before, a tan for your legs looks great even if you are darker skinned as it evens the complexion.

So now your legs will be looking pretty gorgeous the next day and most people would stop there, but if you are going somewhere really special and want your legs to be a real feature then you need to do these two steps:

4.) Apply body make up such as ‘MAC Face and Body Foundation’ this will even out any redder parts, bruises or blemishes and give you a flawless look like Caroline Flack who has reportedly sworn by the stuff.

5.) To finish if you were really wanting your legs to make an impact then use a body highlighter of shimmer just down the centre of your legs in a strip this makes your legs look thinner and also gives them a healthy sheen.

So you may have wanted to stop after number three or perhaps you are looking for a more flawless look, either way I can assure you people will be looking at those pins!!

Products For Glowing Tanned Skin- Holiday Make Up

I am off on holiday tomorrow and I cannot wait. So in the spirit of all things holiday I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products. It is just a short post on the make-up I am taking with me on holiday as well as what sort of make-up I will be buying from duty-free.

What I am taking:

Nars Illuminator in Orgasm

Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzer

Nars Blusher In Orgasm

Maxfactor Masterpiece Mascara

Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser

Urban Decay Naked Pallette

Then there are a few products I will be buying from duty-free at the airport. I am hoping that there is a Clarins skin set with a cleanser, toner, moisturiser and the flash balm as I love Clarins skin care and would like to go back to using Clarins as I am getting bored with my skin routine which happens a lot! I am also going to be buying some YSL lipsticks perhaps a coral and a pink because they are moisturising and really pigmented and look great with a tan and without.

I am also going to treat myself to a perfume, depending on how much money I have left it could be Bottega Venetta or perhaps Jimmy Choo. Both of which I love.

What are your go to products for holiday?

Kendall Jenner Make-Up Look

Wow- how beautiful is Kendall Jenner? For those of you that don’t know who she is, I have blogged about her before and it is safe to say I have a little make up and style crush when it comes to this girl. First of all look at that hair! So long and gorgeous and her make up is always so flawless. She is obviously inspired by her older sisters and has been taught at an early age how to get that Kim Kardashian look!

I love this everyday look she does, I found this picture on her twitter its an instagram shot but you can see the make up a bit better than in other photos. I think this make up is great for every day and perfect for a first date if you want to look like you didn’t spend hours in front of the mirror and you actually just look naturally great!

Get the Kendall Jenner look:

1) Eyes- First of all sweep a primer such as MAC Bare Study Paint Pot over the lid and up to the brow. Next apply a light slightly shimmery beige over the lid such as Shroom by Mac. Contour the crease with a fluffy blending brush and a warm gold eyeshadow such as Woodwinked by Mac. Next fill in your brows with the eyeshadow colour you usually use, not too thick but defined enough to give the eyes some drama. Then apply a liquid or gel liner along the lash line in a moderately thick line without flicking out at the end. Apply lashings of mascara and if you like more definition do as Kendall has done and use a charcoal grey pencil on the waterline or a soft black.

2: Face- All of the Kardashian girls love their foundation. To copy this look if you don’t have flawless skin and you need to recreate this perfect skin look I recommend Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua which has such a thin texture but a great coverage. Just smooth on with fingertips or use a brush if you prefer.

3: Cheeks- Kendall is just wearing a soft pinky peach blush and it looks like instead of wearing a powder she has a bronzer all over. My favourites to use for this look would be Nars Laguna Bronzer and Nars Orgasm Blush.

Lips: For lips use a tinted lip balm such as the Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait.

And now all we need to do is grow our hair so it goes all the way to our bums and practise that model pout, well we are halfway there at least!

Evangeline Lilly Make Up Look

How to get Evangeline Lilly’s amazing look. My boyfriend loves her. He doesn’t know her name he just calls her ‘lost girl’ and I can see why he loves her so much. Look at that flawless skin and sun-kissed glow. This girl is so naturally beautiful and her look is so difficult to replicate. Especially her natural look.

But this look is something a little bit different for Evangeline Lilly. She has a gorgeous silvery eye and pink lip.

Here is how to get the look in easy steps:

1: Fake tan: You need a good fake than that will make you look sun-kissed without looking orange and will give you a glow. My personal favourite is Xen Tan Dark Lotion thogh there are great fake tans if you are on a budget.

2: Foundation: She has quite a full coverage foundation with a dewy finish so choose a foundation that is slightly more covering but still looks healthy.

3: Eyes: I love how simple but dramatic this eye look is. First fill in your brows so they are defined but not over the top. Next apply a sliver cream eye shadow to the lid and under the eye. Next apply a silver eyeshadow over the top to hold that in place. Use a blue eyeliner that’s a bright aquamarine colour on the waterline and apply lashings of mascara  for a great summer look.

4: Cheeks: Apply a cream blush in a pinky colour something like MAC Lady Blush to give you a healthy sheen and a pop of colour.

5: Lips: For the lips use a pink  lipgloss. My favourite for this look would be Mac Plush Glass in Posh It Up which has flecks of gold which will brighten up that cool toned eye.

This look is great for a summer night out and if you don’t like to wear heavier foundation (as this look was for a photo shoot which is why her skin looks so airbrushed) then you don’t have to. Just go for a lighter coverage foundation instead or a tinted moisturiser.

Kristen Stewart Make-Up Look For the Eclipse Screening

Kristen Stewart Eclipse Screening Makeup

Wow Kristen Stewart!! What amazing make-up. I have always loved her rock chick look and I especially loved the natural look for the wedding in Twilight. This, however really inspires me to get out my eyeshadows and recreate. Just a fantastic look by make-up artist Beau Nelson.

Heres how to get her look:

Face: She doesn’t have a heavy coverage foundation on and she looks more tan than usual, so use a foundation with a lighter coverage that is slightly darker than your natural skin colour such as Mac Face and Body Foundation.

Eyes: These are the main feature so definitely make sure you get this right. Start with a black base such as Mac Paint Pot in Blackground. Make sure you only apply this base to just below the crease and blend well but not above the crease. Next push Mac Eyeshadow in Cranberry over the top of the entire lid and also underneath the eye. Next focus Mac Eyeshadow in Black Tide in to the outer V creating a slightly winged out look. To finish the eyes apply a black pencil or gel eyeliner to the waterline top and bottom and mascara.

Cheeks: A soft blush without any pink was used on the cheeks to give a healthy look but ensure that all emphasis was on those amazing eyes. Try Harmony blusher From Mac.

Lips: Beau Nelson used Beaute Lipgloss in the colour Wanted to create a natural my lips but better colour.

And that is the Kristen Stewart look. Hope you liked it!!

Amanda Seyfried Make-Up Look

Get That Amanda Seyfried Look. After watching Amanda Seyfired last night on the Jonathon Ross show it struck me what a natural beauty she is. She wears very little make up and is always so relaxed looking, I thought this would be a great idea for day make up.

Get the look:

Face: To get Amanda’s healthy look but with a little more coverage use a foundation like Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum with a buffing or stippling brush to apply little product. Next conceal any red blotchy areas or blemishes with a concealer such as Mac Studio Finish concealer.

Cheeks: Use a pinky/peach such as Mac Something Special for a healthy glow. A cream blush creates the appearance of really healthy skin.

Eyes: First fill in your eyebrows lightly with your usual shade. Next use a lilac eyeshadow around the eyes with a slight shimmer, something like Mac Digit. Apply mascara such as Dior Show or if you are on a budget something like Maxfactor Masterpiece mascara. For this look the eyelashes should be the main focal point so make sure each lash is coated well without any clumps.

Lips: A lip balm is enough to finish the look, make sure its tinted pink to create a moisturised healthy look. For this a great lip balm is Burt’s Bees Pink Blossom Tinted Lip Balm.

To finish the look we must talk hair. If your hair is mid length to long this will be easier for you. If your hair is short just style your hair as usual but give it a bit more body at the root.

Firstly center part your hair. Make sure your hair is dry and choose sections around an inch and a half thick. Straighten these sections to get them warm and apply large velcro rollers rolling your hair away from your face and securing about mid way up the hair. Keep doing this till you get to the middle parting at the back of your head and then repeat on the other side.

Wait until your rollers are completely cool then remove them. Your hair should have a gorgeous silky wave that rolls backwards that will look more natural than if you do it with a curling iron.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!

90210 Jessica Stroup/ Silver Make-up Look

90210 Jessica Stroup-Silver

I LOVE Jessica Stroup or Silver from 90210. Her look is so natural and gorgeous. I think her hair really frames her face. She has such great bone structure and these great big eyes. This make-up look makes her eyes stand out as being even bluer whilst looking like not a  lot of make up, as she has minimal product on the rest of her face.

To get Jessica’s Look:

The key to Jessica’s look is 3 elements, the hair, eyebrows and eye make-up. The rest of the face can be natural however as long as these elements are done correctly you can look as great as Jessica Stroup.

1: The hair- Invest in a good hair cut, go to the hairdressers and ask them to choose a hair cut for you that suits your face and will bring out your features, because Jessica has such a symmetrical face and pretty features, this short bob looks fantastic on her, you don’t have to copy the hairstyle, choose one that will look great on you.

2: The eyebrows- I am a firm believer that good eyebrows frame the face. Everything seems to look better if your eyebrows are a great shape and are perfectly filled in. Jessica has done a great job at filling in her eyebrows, being a celebrity she probably gets her eyebrows threaded routinely and has them tinted and fills them in with a pencil or powder.

3: The Eyes- Now the eyes are simple but instantly define and look fabulous with little effort.

  1. Sweep a coppery bronze colour with a small amount of shimmer up to just above the crease making sure you blend out the lines.
  2. Line the water line top and bottom with a black eyeliner that won’t budge. For this you could use Mac kohl in smoulder.
  3. Use the same black pencil and sweep a thick line from the outer corner of your eye to about half way in, making sure the line gets thinner till it is thin enough to look natural. Now blend the line slightly so it doesn’t look as sharp, just concentrate on the edge and blend a very small amount.
  4. Mascara both the top and bottom lashes with a mascara that concentrates on length and separation rather than volume to look natural.
  5. Conceal under the eyes with a light concealer such as Clinique Airbrush Concealer to brighten the eye area.

To finish, use a tinted moisturizer for the skin if you have good skin, or a foundation with a healthy glow, such as Bourjouis Healthy Glow Serum and then dust a light layer of bronzer with a large powder brush over the entire face instead of powder. Make sure this is a very light layer as you don’t want to look orange just sun-kissed!

On the lips just use a lip balm to create kissable lips without any effort!

You now look like Jessica Stroup, it’s a shame we don’t all have the designer wardrobes to match!!

5 Easy Steps To Long Luscious Hair!

kim hair

How to get amazingly long and thick hair in just 5 easy steps.

1: Trim you hair- It isn’t necessary to trim your hair every 6 weeks but around every 2 months or when you notice split ends is very important. Regular trims encourage growth as the scalp doesn’t have to nourish broken ends and can concentrate on growth.

2: Wash you hair less frequently- This doesn’t mean go around with greasy hair, but try to leave your hair an extra day before washing as the natural oils help to nourish your hair.

3: Straighten you hair less- Try to avoid straightening your hair every day and only do this around 3 times a week if you can help it, this prevents breakage and means your hair can concentrate on growth rather than repair.

4: Oil your hair- This part of the process is the most important. My hair never grew past the awkward mid stage until I started to oil my hair 2-3 times a week. This can be with coconut, almond or Morrocan Oil, whichever you use just make sure you massage it into the scalp and rub through to the ends and sleep with it in overnight.

5: Have a proper hair routine- That means washing you hair with a good shampoo that doesn’t strip oils from your hair and a great conditioner.

To ensure your hair grows thick and long just follow these easy steps and it will grow much quicker than it was before, not only that you will have healthy looking hair!

Delilah Make Up Look

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Delilah, click on the picture above and it will lead you to one of her videos where she sings in a live session. Her voice is incredible and her make up is always so healthy looking. The photo above is of her in full make up for a fashion shoot but her usual look is very low maintenance.

There are three steps to achieving Delilahs everyday look.

1: Fantastic brows- this means plucked but still thicker, fill in with a pencil to get a healthy thick appearance.

2: A great tinted moisturizer or gradual tan that will give you a healthy sheen and a slight tan, no foundation ever looks like it is used on Delilah unless she does a fashion shoot

3: Lipgloss or vaseline to accentuate some great lips.

The key to Delilah’s everyday look is to look healthy, so that means moisturised, a slight bit of colour and polished.

The look in this photo of Delilah is fantastic something we don’t normally see Delilah in, a lot more high fashion than she normally goes for.

This look relies on the similar theme of great eyebrows and skin, in this instant because the look is perfect it requires a great sheer foundation such as Chanel Vitalumiere and an eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows. This is the base of all of her looks as it makes for a great canvas for the rest of the makeup and adds structure to the face.

Next apply a pinky eyeshadow. A great eyeshadow for this is cranberry by MAC, apply this eyeshadow up till the crease winging it out slightly. Next apply gel liner along the lash line and lashings of mascara. Its possible Delilah is wearing false lashes in this photo and so if you want to recreate this look you can choose some feathery lashes.

Blusher is next. A great pink colour with a hint of peach is enough to finish the look and a pale pink gloss. Let the eyes do the talking.

Now you look the part, head to Youtube to watch some of her videos.