Clarins Skincare Haul

Clarins Skincare haul

For those of you who follow my blog, you will know that I recently went on holiday to Turkey. Whilst I was there I thought I would take advantage of the duty-free shopping in the airport. Above in the rubbish phone photo you can see what I got as part of the travel kit one of the moisturisers I bought separately and missing from the photo is the Clarins Hand And Nail Cream which I am loving.

I thought I would go through which of the products I love and why and the ones I recommend!

Bottom centre: Clarins One Step Facial Cleanser- this facial cleanser I do use anyway and I really love it. It is about 20 GBP to buy separately but it is really worth it. It takes of all of your make up off as it is oil based and it also cleanses and tones at the same time. I am quite lazy in the morning before work with my skin care and I really like this product for that reason. In one step you are cleansed and toned!

Clarins Daily Energizer Lotion SPF15- This energizer is great for normal skin, it does what it says and really energizes you in the morning whilst keeping you moisturised but not oily throughout the day. I can wear this at the moment because my skin is drier than it normally is but when I am oily I don’t think I would be able to wear that moisturiser I think I would have to go back to a gel moisturiser.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm- you get a travel size of this and I have loved this for years anyway so I do have a full sized one at home that conveniently had just run out. Apparently you should only use this product on special occasions so that your skin doesn’t get used to it. It is a radiance booster and primer in one and really makes you look amazing. It is the only primer with my oily skin where at the end of the night my make up is still perfect so I save it for really special nights out.

Clarins Eye Contour Gel- you get a small size of this gel and it is supposed to reduce dark circles ad puffiness which it definitely does and it has such a great light texture that you could wear make-up over. I am only 21 and don’t really need too much contouring so I don’t think I would buy it again, I think I would go for something a bit lighter but if you have a problem with puffy eyes my friend tried this who does and she found it worked really well!

Clarins Daily Energizer Gel- I went to Clarins and purchased the Daily Energizer Lotion because I felt the Hydra Quench Cream I got with the travel kit was quite thick and better for at night. Whilst I was there they gave me sample of the gel for cleansing which matches and so I have tried that. I really like this gel but I prefer the one-step because it is just so easy to remove make-up and it does everything in one step.

Clarins Hydra Quench Cream- Now this moisturiser is for normal to dry skin and is very moisturising and feels really luxurious on the skin. It doesn’t feel greasy and also doesn’t create too much oil on my skin. I think this moisturiser is perfect for someone with a drier skin and I have used it at night-time and have found my skin looks great when I wake up.

Clarins Moisture Rich Body Lotion- This is the only product I wouldn’t buy again. Everyone knows Clarins is expensive and I really like this body lotion but you do have to use quite a bit. Whilst it smells delicious and really does moisturise all day I have to use twice the amount of my normal moisturiser to be able to get it to spread and as a student I can’t keep on doing that!

So that was just a bit more on my skin care haul and what I thought of it. I wanted to show you exactly what I bought so sorry for the Iphone photo but at least you get the idea!


2 responses to “Clarins Skincare Haul

  1. great haul! Love clarins, esp the facial lotus oil

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