My Favourite Make-Up Brushes

Here is just a quick list of my favourite brushes for make-up application. I am actually quite lazy when it comes to brushes and tend to use one brush for a number of things. If I am going somewhere special I will use all my brushes though, and of course they are nice to look at. A lot of my brushes are from MAC Cosmetics though a few are from different brands. Sometimes I wish I had a full set from one place as I like things to look neat and tidy. However, the brushes I have chosen are the best ones for the job and so I would like to share with you the brushes I have loved and I am open to any suggestions of great brushes or cheaper alternatives:

1: MAC 266– This angled brush I use for my eyebrows and to draw a line of shadow along the line of my lashes. I really like this brush as it can be used for eye shadow and gel liner which means although you have to pay out quite a bit for this brush it does have dual uses.

2: MAC 217– I absolutely love this brush. It is so amazing for many purposes. The most popular being of course blending eye shadow but also I love to use it to buff in my concealer and also to apply highlighter. The brush is great for many purposes and again worth the money.

3: MAC 239– This brush is great for putting on eye shadow. You can really pack colour on with this brush. In my opinion, for eyes, the only two brushes you need are the 217 and 239.

4: Real Techniques Buffing Brush– I bought this as part of a set but I wish they sold it on their own. I have had many foundation brushes but none have I liked more than this one. The brush feels so luxurious on the skin and when I use it with my Healthy Mix foundation by Bourjois it’s like a match made in heaven!

5: Sigma Tapered Face Brush– For blush contour and powder I use this brush. I love the taper at the end because I have quite high cheekbones and I can really sculpt with it, the brushes cover quite a large area and so I also use it for normal blush and powder if I am just doing a bit of powder on the t-zone.

If I am doing quite a heavily powdered look on myself or if I want to put a bronzer all over then I love the Sigma F20 Large Powder Brush.

I have a large collection of brushes but these are my favourites. I have tried to select a mixture of expensive and inexpensive brushes to get your collection going. These are the brushes that I suggest as they are great for dual purposes and if you own these then you don’t really need any other brushes unless you are a make-up artist or have a bit of extra money. For home make-up these brushes are my favourite in my collection.


2 responses to “My Favourite Make-Up Brushes

  1. theclassyanarchist

    I’ve always been curious about Mac products. I use Sigma brushes (I’ve got their vegan Mrs Bunny collection). I’d love to get the F25 to add to my collection 🙂 Does Mac have synthetic brushes, or are they all real (I prefer vegan ones)?

    • they have both but not in every brush, for instance the 266 is natural and the 263 is synthetic so they usually have both options for most brushes. I love the F25 I really think its worth the investment, you can use it for just about everything! Thanks for liking the post! 😀

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