Beyonce Countdown Video Make-Up



I love this look. The Beyonce Countdown video is my favourite. Such a happy song with some great choreography. The video reminds me of the film Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn.

To create this look:

Eyes: Start off with a shimmery peach eyeshadow over the lid something like Shroom Eyeshadow from MAC. Then create with your favourite gel eyeliner and brush a winged eyeliner that is quite thick and extended towards the end of the eyebrows. Line your lower water line with a white eyeliner pencil, Sleek does a really cheap one which stays quite well. Then use a black eyeshadow such as Carbon by MAC close under the lashes to define the eye leaving the tearduct free of product. Now for that pop of amazing shimmery yellow in the corner. Use a yellow pigment just in the tear duct for that pop of colour. Apply mascara. 

Face: Apply foundation as normal, I recommend MAC Face and Body as it isn’t a heavy coverage. Then a nice peachy pink on the cheeks with a bit of shimmer, something like deep throat from NARS would work brilliantly.

Lips: To finish, a coat of a very shiny pink lipgloss is all thats needed. I used MAC Lipglass in Full For You.

So there is your finished Beyonce make-up look. I think this look is great for a night out for something special and would look brilliant with some false eyelashes and a tan if you are pale.


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