Body Skincare Routine And Fake Tan (With Updated Skincare For Summer)

A lot of people have different routines for their body and some people are lucky enough to have hydrated skin so as not to have to do anything. I thought I would share with you what I do on a daily and weekly basis to make sure my skin is prepared for summer.

I usually have a bath once a week at the weekend where I have a full exfoliation of my body. I don’t really like body scrubs as I feel they are quite harsh to my skin. I usually use a muslin cloth in the bath with a great moisturising shower cream my favourite is the Johnsons Extra Rich Bodywash because the smell is absolutely amazing. I find this is enough for me to exfoliate my skin rather than using a body scrub which gets all over the bath. Post bath I add a thin layer of moisturiser all over. Usually I use my Jergens Cocoa Butter and I apply such a thin layer it wont affect my fake tan. I then go on to apply Xen Tan Dark Lotion to my entire body and I use a mitt to apply it. This tan is great as it lasts around 7-10 days so I only have to smell like mouldy biscuits once a week! Hurrah!

Usually I have one day a week where I really pamper myself which usually for me a friday night as I tend to go out on the saturday so I always feel great the next day. After I apply my fake tan I usually oil my hair with coconut oil as you can see in my earlier post.

On a daily basis I will shower every day and use the same shower cream in the shower and when I come out I usually use a moisturiser all over my body such as the Jergens one. Though sometimes I may use the Dove Summer Glow if I am feeling pale and didn’t use my usual fake tan at the weekend.

In terms of my face cleansing routine this changes all the time as I have really oily skin and struggle to find a routine that my skin doesnt get use to and start to dislike. Currently I am into face oils and have been trying Grapeseed oil as a moisturiser. Its great if you are prone to breakouts and it also absorbs really easily in to the skin. I personally find due to me being prone to red skin using a face oil with a gentle cleanser is much more effective for me at giving me a radiant glow and not aggravating my sensitive skin.

For cleanser and toner I am currently using the Clarins One-Step Facial Cleanser which I absolutely love, it makes my skin feel so hydrated but not greasy and goes great with a light layer of the grapeseed oil.

I am thinking of purchasing the Clarisonic Mia after hearing such great reviews on Youtube but im not too sure yet. So that could be making it into my routine soon.


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