Evangeline Lilly Make Up Look

How to get Evangeline Lilly’s amazing look. My boyfriend loves her. He doesn’t know her name he just calls her ‘lost girl’ and I can see why he loves her so much. Look at that flawless skin and sun-kissed glow. This girl is so naturally beautiful and her look is so difficult to replicate. Especially her natural look.

But this look is something a little bit different for Evangeline Lilly. She has a gorgeous silvery eye and pink lip.

Here is how to get the look in easy steps:

1: Fake tan: You need a good fake than that will make you look sun-kissed without looking orange and will give you a glow. My personal favourite is Xen Tan Dark Lotion thogh there are great fake tans if you are on a budget.

2: Foundation: She has quite a full coverage foundation with a dewy finish so choose a foundation that is slightly more covering but still looks healthy.

3: Eyes: I love how simple but dramatic this eye look is. First fill in your brows so they are defined but not over the top. Next apply a sliver cream eye shadow to the lid and under the eye. Next apply a silver eyeshadow over the top to hold that in place. Use a blue eyeliner that’s a bright aquamarine colour on the waterline and apply lashings of mascara  for a great summer look.

4: Cheeks: Apply a cream blush in a pinky colour something like MAC Lady Blush to give you a healthy sheen and a pop of colour.

5: Lips: For the lips use a pink  lipgloss. My favourite for this look would be Mac Plush Glass in Posh It Up which has flecks of gold which will brighten up that cool toned eye.

This look is great for a summer night out and if you don’t like to wear heavier foundation (as this look was for a photo shoot which is why her skin looks so airbrushed) then you don’t have to. Just go for a lighter coverage foundation instead or a tinted moisturiser.


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