5 Easy Steps To Long Luscious Hair!

kim hair

How to get amazingly long and thick hair in just 5 easy steps.

1: Trim you hair- It isn’t necessary to trim your hair every 6 weeks but around every 2 months or when you notice split ends is very important. Regular trims encourage growth as the scalp doesn’t have to nourish broken ends and can concentrate on growth.

2: Wash you hair less frequently- This doesn’t mean go around with greasy hair, but try to leave your hair an extra day before washing as the natural oils help to nourish your hair.

3: Straighten you hair less- Try to avoid straightening your hair every day and only do this around 3 times a week if you can help it, this prevents breakage and means your hair can concentrate on growth rather than repair.

4: Oil your hair- This part of the process is the most important. My hair never grew past the awkward mid stage until I started to oil my hair 2-3 times a week. This can be with coconut, almond or Morrocan Oil, whichever you use just make sure you massage it into the scalp and rub through to the ends and sleep with it in overnight.

5: Have a proper hair routine- That means washing you hair with a good shampoo that doesn’t strip oils from your hair and a great conditioner.

To ensure your hair grows thick and long just follow these easy steps and it will grow much quicker than it was before, not only that you will have healthy looking hair!


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