Delilah Make Up Look

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Delilah, click on the picture above and it will lead you to one of her videos where she sings in a live session. Her voice is incredible and her make up is always so healthy looking. The photo above is of her in full make up for a fashion shoot but her usual look is very low maintenance.

There are three steps to achieving Delilahs everyday look.

1: Fantastic brows- this means plucked but still thicker, fill in with a pencil to get a healthy thick appearance.

2: A great tinted moisturizer or gradual tan that will give you a healthy sheen and a slight tan, no foundation ever looks like it is used on Delilah unless she does a fashion shoot

3: Lipgloss or vaseline to accentuate some great lips.

The key to Delilah’s everyday look is to look healthy, so that means moisturised, a slight bit of colour and polished.

The look in this photo of Delilah is fantastic something we don’t normally see Delilah in, a lot more high fashion than she normally goes for.

This look relies on the similar theme of great eyebrows and skin, in this instant because the look is perfect it requires a great sheer foundation such as Chanel Vitalumiere and an eyebrow pencil to fill in the brows. This is the base of all of her looks as it makes for a great canvas for the rest of the makeup and adds structure to the face.

Next apply a pinky eyeshadow. A great eyeshadow for this is cranberry by MAC, apply this eyeshadow up till the crease winging it out slightly. Next apply gel liner along the lash line and lashings of mascara. Its possible Delilah is wearing false lashes in this photo and so if you want to recreate this look you can choose some feathery lashes.

Blusher is next. A great pink colour with a hint of peach is enough to finish the look and a pale pink gloss. Let the eyes do the talking.

Now you look the part, head to Youtube to watch some of her videos.


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