Penelope Cruz Make-Up

Who can resist the latin look? Penelope Cruz famous for her brown eyes and beautiful hair has long since been a secret girl crush. If I could be one woman it would be her. She isn’t perfect by no means. She has a dishevelled sexy appearance that most of us try and fail to succeed.

We can try however. The key to her look is a great tan, glowing skin, voluminous hair and lashings of kohl.

Get the look:

1: Hair- Put your hair in rollers, remembering to roll backwards for volume and not ringlet type curls. If you don’t have medium length or long hair, or if you have thin hair, cheat with some clip in hair extensions that already have a soft curl.

2: Skin- This is one of the most important parts so the night before exfoliate and get rid of any dead skin cells. Then you want to moisturise the rough patches on your skin. If you are pale use a great tanning moisturiser such as Dove or Johnsons or an olive toned tan such as Xen Tan which looks great on darker skin tones also. The key is to be very natural avoid going more than two shades darker than your skin colour. The fake tan will help to give you a lovely glow.

Base: No cakey foundation- A tinted moisturiser or if you are happy with your skin and just want to use concealer is all you need. This will add to your glowing look and you wont look like you have anything on your skin at all.

Eyes: The most simple but affective part. Line the water line on the bottom and top and add lashings of mascara. For some extra definition you can add a dark eyeshadow along the lash line like in this photo but it isn’t necessary. The key is the kohl, it should be perfectly applied and not smudging so invest in a great one.

Cheeks: A soft pink or peach blush is all you need.

Lips: Lip balm or vaseline will be perfect to add to that glowing look.

Finally, remove the rollers and part your hair. You may not look like Penelope Cruz but you will feel great!


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