Style Crush- Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo Fur Jacket

Olivia Palermo Fur Jacket

For those of you who aren’t aware of Olivia Palermo she is most famous for American reality series The City which follows the fashion elite as they make decisions about relationships and careers. Its personally one of my old favourites.

Olivia Palermo Natural Make Up

Olivia Palermo Natural Make Up

One thing I love about Olivia Palermo is of course her make up. She has this flawless look that you only have when you’ve had a truly relaxing holiday somewhere hot! How does she do it? At first glance it wouldn’t appear she was wearing any make up at all and yet she always looks so flawless so she must be.

I have come to the conclusion that she uses a great fake tan. One that is olive toned and light but enough to give a glow. I think she would use Xen Tan or something that gives a healthy sheen to the skin. Olivia is also known for those great cheekbones which she achieves with a soft peach blush added to the contours of the face.

From previous articles I know that she loves highlighter and her favourite concealer is YSL Touche Eclait because of its highlighting properties. She also loves a natural eye shadow quad from Bobbi Brown made up from a nude shade a light brown, dark brown and a charcoal colour. The typical four colour eye shadow look is great for defining your eyes and adding definition especially to brown eyes.

Olivia Palermo Fashion Show Make Up

Olivia Palermo Fashion Show Make Up

Olivia’s going out make up doesn’t change much. She just adds more definition to the eyes, darker colours on the lids and perhaps a sparkly eye shadow such as a gold just to brighten the corner. In this photo you can noticeably see that she is using foundation. I think Olivia would be likely to use a foundation with a glowy finish such as Perfection Lumiere by Chanel to create a flawless even base but also add a glow. She also defines those beautiful cheekbones with a peach toned blush This is the perfect colour if you have pink undertones as it makes you look very healthy and if you are olive toned you can create a great contour. She also adds a sparkly pink lip gloss rather than her usual nude lipstick and he look for fashion shows is complete.

The basic steps to creating Olivia’s look:

1. The base: create a great glowy base with a tinted moisturiser with that extra coverage such as Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser

2: Eyes: Wash a nude colour over the eye as a base such as Bone by Bobbi Brown, contour the crease with a darker colour such as Taupe by Bobbi Brown, Line the upper eyelashes wither with a pencil or liquid liner to make lashes appear fuller, or you can use an angled brush and a charcoal coloured eye shadow to define the lash line.

3: Cheeks: Contour those cheeks using a matte bronzer or peach blush to create high cheekbones and sweep what is left on you brush over the face to create a wash of colour.

4: Lips: Use a soft nude lipstick such as Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Perle Lipstick in Impetuous Beige for day and swap to a shimmery pink gloss for night.



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