Zooey Deschanel Make Up Look

How to get Zooey Deschanel’s look:

This look is perfect if you have a paler skin tone, but can look beautiful on a darker skin tone too. If you have a darker skin tone the products you use will differ but the techniques will be the same.

1: Zooey’s make up is quite easy to do once you get the major points right. The first being a flawless, even complexion. Zooey prefers a foundation with a slight glow, but one that has a high coverage. This type of look is similar to Katy Perry who too prefers a full coverage foundation. Apply a full coverage foundation to the face such as Illamasqua New Skin Base Foundation.

2: The next most important step is the eyes. First of all you need to prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer. If you have the Urban Decay primer potion use that, or I recommend Mac Bare Canvas Paints apply this to the eye in a thin layer from the lash line up.

3: Now to set that use  an eyeshadow such as Nylon by Mac, you want a white eyeshadow with a slight shimmer and you want to apply this to the lid working up towards the brow and into the tear duct but only very lightly.

4: Now for the eyeliner. I recommend a liquid liner if you aren’t used to using a gel, or if you are, then a gel with an angled brush. What you need to do is line from the tear duct to the end of the lashes, following the lash line and then slightly winging out. I recommend if you can manage a gel eyeliner going for Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner with a Mac 266 brush.

5: Now for false eyelashes. The key to this look is that the eyelids carry all the drama and the bottom lids are free from product creating an almond eye shape. so apply a small bit of mascara first and then apply your false eyelashes along the liner. Dont choose any too long were looking for volume really.

6: Now for blush. Zooey Deschanel switches up her make up all the time sometimes she goes for this doll-like look and other times a more tanned beach look. When she is going for this doll look she will contour her face using Harmony Blush from Mac. This means sweep a small amount under the cheekbones around the outside of the face and under the chin. She follows with a soft pink blush such as Nars Deep Throat onto the apples of the cheeks. But remember although this is a doll type look we don’t want too much product.

7: On to the lips. Follow with a nude lipstick and a slightly pink gloss.

Zooey Deschanel’s Hair:

If you want Zooey’s hair then there are three simple steps.

1: If you hair isn’t long enough for this look do what Zooey does and apply a few hair extensions to add volume and length, you can get in a clip in variety where you don’t have to have them permanently, you can also choose ones that are already waved with is the best thing to do as it means your waves will stay in all night and will save you the effort each time you go out of curling your extensions too.

2: Now for rollers. You want to put rollers into the hair at your crown to create lift, body and that wave that’s at the bottom of your hair. So leaving your fringe out, put rollers in the top section remembering to roll the hair backward for volume. Once they have cooled, remove the curlers and run your fingers through your hair.

3: Now for the front section. Take our bangs or fringe and pin them back taking a section about 2-3 inches wide and then pushing the hair forward slightly in the clips to give a bit of volume. Alternatively use a pretty headband and push the front section of your hair forward slightly to get that lovely voluminous look.

Viola! You are now Zooey Deschanel!





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