Skincare Routine- Combination/ Oily skin.

Looking at a lot of blogs recently I realized there didn’t appear to be many skin care routines for people with combination or oily skin.

A lot of the blogs I came across involved people with oily skin torturing there skin with really acidic products to reduce oil or pores that will no doubt increase oil production and maybe even induce aging.

I thought it was important I let you in on a few secrets on how to deal with this skin type, and my two different routines that I like, and switch between each time I run out of each set of products so that my skin doesnt become lazy.

Routine 1

Cleanser- Origins “A Perfect World” cleanser with antioxidants and white tea that cleanses as well as reducing aging. £16.00

Moisturizer- Origins “Balanced Diet” lightweight moisture lotion which doesn’t contain oil and has a water base meaning it doesn’t increase oil or sebum production throughout the day. £21.00

GinZing refreshing eye cream to depuff and brighten. £20.00

At night I will use “High Potency Night-A-Mins” mineral enriched oil free lotion to restore glow and health to my skin, it is better to be matte in the day but at night time it isn’t a worry so this is when I use a moisturising product. £32.00 This product usually lasts me a full year as sometimes I do’nt need the extra hydration.


Routine 2

Cleanser- Estee Lauder “Sparkling Clean Oil Control Gel Cleanser” £21.00

Moisturizer- “Day Wear Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-oxidant SPF 15 Lotion” £37.00

Clinique “All About Eyes Serum” to brighten and hydrate the eye area.


Please note: The Origins “Balanced Diet” moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF however I use a foundation every day with an SPF of 15 you may need to use a sun block as well if you do not use make up with sufficient SPF.

Removing Make-Up

The way I like to remove make-up is to use Simple face wipes or baby wipes without any perfume, and then apply to a baby wipe some “No7 Cleanse and Care Eye Make up Remover” to remove the eye make-up. It is important to use something formulated for your eyes as removing eye make up with harsh products or with too much rubbing causes aging.



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