Dalmation Nails

Alas autumn is not too far way, we have just 2 months left of what has been a dismal summer in the UK with a grand total of about 4 summery days.

This morning I received a copy of the new vogue in the post as per my subscription and found that a major trend for autumn will be spotty prints, inspired by a pin up look of the 40s and 50s.

Although it is still summer and I should be wearing brights still, I find it hard to wear bright yellow tops and pink pants when the rain is pouring down and I have to wear a jacket outside, so this is something that can still be worn in summer too.

My favourite nail polishes to use for this look are by collection 2000 because they are cheap and with a good nail hardening top coat such as OPI the nails will remain chip free for 3-5 days.


2 responses to “Dalmation Nails

  1. I love this, what did you use to make the spots? And how many coats did it take to make the white look so solid? I can never get white polish to look right it always looks streaky. I just started a new blog here if you have time check it out 🙂 underscoredesigns.wordpress.com. You’re nails look great I can’t wait to try this!

    • Hi Natasha! Thanks for my very first comment on my blog 🙂 the nail polish unfortunately took three coats! and i have a nail art pen i bought from Hobbycraft years ago but you can use anything with a small fine brush, even a make up brush for the spots and just use a dotting motion! whey i will check out you’re blog now 🙂

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