Xen-Tan Dark Lotion

I am not, never have been and possibly never will be a fake tan lover. My skin has such an aversion to it that it seems impossible to achieve anything spectacular when coming out of a bottle. Firstly, my skin is pale with a pinkish tinge and therefore most fake tans have a red brown effect that makes me look slightly sunburnt. The smell of fake tan is also hideous in my opinion, for some reason it reacts on my skin and within the space of thirty minutes leaves me smelling like moldy biscuits. Attractive? i think not. I decided that after using St Tropez (okay but too dark for me), Fake Bake (fades off in patches) and an invention discovered on many beauty blogs named St Moritz (similar effect to St Tropez for a much cheaper price, however smells revolting) that I would use what appeared to be my last chance. Xen-Tan is constantly published in magazines as the pale girls best friend it has olive undertones in the tan that look brilliant on pale and pink skin so the beauty experts say. I opted to part with £28 of my hard earned cash to see what the fuss was about and was pleasantly surprised. On application the smell was beautiful, it has oils in it that make me think of holidays and body butter, this is was most happy with, i was alarmed at first that the guide colour was quite red, I was instantly dissapointed could this tan be a red brown disaster like all others I had tried? Was I doomed to life in pale solitude? However just 3 hours later the guide colour washed off and left me with what was a beautiful olive brown colour that lasted for 5-7 days with just one coat. Although after the three hours the tan does have that familiar tan smell and  i couldn’t wear the tan straight away on a night out as I have before due to its reddish colour I was so pleased with the outcome in such a short space of time and the longevity of this product id recommend it again and again. I have more tans to try but this is by far my favourite so far.


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