Summer hair

I feel I have fallen into somewhat of a pattern when it comes to my hair. Winter always darkest brown getting lighter towards summer till its blonde before dyeing it red and copper in the autumn and then darker and back to black. I have somehow managed to become a colour wheel of hair colours and my friends often make remarks such as ‘well i didn’t see you because i never know what hair colour your going to be’.

Alas its the time of the year where I strive for that blonde beachy wavy look so synonymous with summer, however the style that is seen on the catwalk and on the streets has an interesting new take, darker underneath. Am I brave enough to go that bit further?

Currently i have hair similar to the colour above since my first trip to the salon, and am nourishing my poor locks with Coconut Oil from ‘The Body Shop’ you apply at night and massage into the root to the tip and leave till morning and miracles happen almost overnight, my hair would never grow till using this stuff.

Another tip to avoiding brassy locks is silver shampoo, I’m currently using ‘Shwarzkopf BC Colour Save’ which is toning down any brassy looking highlights. Hopefully I will be as blonde as Rosie Huntington Whiutely in the near future after maybe two more trips to the salon!


One response to “Summer hair

  1. wow, for a new blog I have to agree with so many things on here!
    will be keeping my eyes on you.

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