Eyebrow shaping in a Blink

Recently, having planned a visit to Germany I was ferociously planning what to take on my hand luggage only flight. I was panicking about my vast amount of make-up and how I would fit it all in one sealed bag in 100ml containers. This was a nightmare for me, you see it isn’t so much that I have to wear lots of make up, it was more the prospect of not starting my day in the way that makes me happiest, experimenting with colour and shapes. I felt so utterly dismal at this prospect so I decided to make a trip to Selfridge’s and have my eyebrows done. It has always been a belief of mine that the perfect shaped eyebrow frames the face and that with a black line and some mascara is the most beautiful. just take a look at Audrey Hepburn for reference. I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome, for £17 (quite expensive, however in my opinion worth it) they threaded my eyebrows to perfection, only stopping once when the cotton accidentally snapped. Not only was I ecstatic with the shape that of course i requested was Hepburn ‘esque’ as much as it could be. She proceeded to massage my face and head all as part of the package.


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