Cha Cha Chanel…

Just recently I made a visit to the local Chanel Counter to buy my Manager her birthday present. I have been waiting in anticipation for the new nail colour Mimosa a beautiful yellow with golden flecks that will look perfect with a summer tan and make me wish i was jetting to St Tropez. This outing however was strictly business. What to buy? What struck me first of all was a beautiful pink in the new summer collection named Flamingo 197. The pink is sheer with one coat and has a mother of pearl finish that is simply amazing, however for the bright summer look a tropical feel can be achieved with just two coats. I am always amazed at the  Chanel  range each time they appear at my local Chanel counter (and also on my bank statement!) they are fun, fresh, vibrant and perfect for summer and i recommend using them with a great top coat as in my experience some Chanel nail polishes can be easily chipped, however the most delicate things are the most beautiful and to me it adds to the appeal.


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