Where I would like to travel…

Germany; Munich, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne
Austria; Vienna
Netherlands; Amsterdam
Switzerland; Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Bern
Italy; Rome, Florence, Milan, Naples, Verona
Croatia; Dubrovnik, Zagreb
Spain; Valencia; Madrid
Sweden; Stockholm
Norway; Oslo
Poland; Krakow, Warsaw, Zakopane, Poznan
Denmark; Copenhagen
Hungary; Budapest
Belguim; Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges
Portugal; Lisbon
Ukraine; Kyiv
Finland; Helsinki, Lapland
Russia; St Petersburg, Moscow
French Riviera; Monaco, St Tropez, Cannes

This is my travel check list. Places I want to go and see and I am wondering on whether it is better to do it a country at a time and visit the top cities per country, yearly in one two week trip. Or whether to do an interrail trip.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hayden Panettiere Make Up



Hello Everyone,

Sorry I have been missing in action for a while, I am still studying at university and it is now my final year and I am working so hard.. (not) but I WAS finding it difficult to post often and so I apologise my blog has been on the back burner.

So really the inspiration to make a new post came after seeing this picture of Hayden Panettiere on the Daily Mail recently which featured a fuschia lip and a peachy gold eyeshadow that I think just looks incredible due to its fresh and simple nature (perfect with tanned or darker skin).

How to achieve this super simple look:

Face: Hayden is lucky to have great skin that is tanned and probably doesn’t need much coverage. I recommend if you are doing this for a night out or special occasion tanning your face with a facial self tanner such as St Tropez. Then you can use a concealer for any redness or breakouts as the tan does a good job at correcting your skin tone.

My favourite concealer at the moment is Pro-Longwear concealer from MAC as it doesn’t settle in lines and wrinkles (not that I have many at 22) but it is less likely to crease and has full coverage whilst still looking natural if you apply it just where it is needed. You can also add a bronzer to the places on your face where you would usually tan such as the bridge of your nose, forehead, cheeks and chin and then a liberal amount of Nars Orgasm Blush or something similar which will greate a really dewy fresh look. You can also add a highlighter if you have a favourite one as it looks like Hayden has used a highlighter with gold shimmer.

Eyes: Hayden has used a one wash eyeshadow all over the lid into the crease and under the eye and from what I can see it almost looks like a bronzer with shimmer. I like Amber Lights from Mac which is a peachy gold with shimmer which you could use alongside a bronzer to get that sunkissed eye look. and of course apply a couple of coats of mascara.

Brows: Hayden’s brows are groomed possibly just with a brow set and minimal product as she is lucky to have thick, full brows. If you don’t have brows like hers simply fill yours in using light brush strokes to mimic real hairs with a pencil for a more natural look.

Lips: The other focal point of this look is lips and Hayden has chosen almost a frosty fuschia. I think for this look on all skin tones Mac Full Fuschia is a great lipstick that will go great with the bronzed eyes but i suspect Hayden has mixed a couple of lipsticks to get the frosted look and so mix up the combination that will suit your skin tone.

Reply with photos if you try this look. I think it is a great look for spring and summer and something that is so easy to do. Let me know what you think in the comments below x

Lauren Conrad Make-up Tutorial

ImageSo this make-up is perfect for those of you that like a minimal make-up and it was inspired by an old product I used to love when I was much younger that I recently rediscovered. If you feel like it this look looks best after using a gradual tanner as it gives you that glow all over. 

So, when I was about 16 years old my mum bought me an Olay moisturizer with a touch of self tan and at the time I had blonde highlighted hair and used to have a thing for self tan. I was recently looking back through old pictures of myself and thought to myself how much better my skin looked in some pictures and I remembered that particular moisturizer.  It appears to have changed its name now to Essentials Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Moisturizing Cream and so I decided to re-purchase. I also recently bough the Pro-Longwear Concealer from Mac in the color NW20 and so have built a make up routine around these two products which I think is a natural look similar to Lauren Conrad. 

1. Moisturize with Olay Essentials Complete Care Everyday Sunshine Moisturizing Cream in Light or Dark depending on the color your prefer.

2. Apply one pump of Pro-Longwear Concealer from MAC on your hand and apply to the areas needed, such as under the eyes, around the nose and on blemishes. 

3. Apply a pink blusher to the cheeks such as L’Oréal Paris True Match Blush in Sandalwood Rose. 

4. Dust bronzer lightly all over the face and very slightly heavier where the sun would hit such as the top of the forehead, nose cheeks and chin, Nars Laguna Bronzer or Rimmel’s Natural Bronzer are both great for this. 

Next for eyes:

1. Apply a slightly shimmery cream eye shadow all over the lid and up to the brow bone

2. Contour the crease with a light brown color and a softer blending brush.

3. Apply a black eye-shadow along the lash line with an angled brush and create a small wing at the outer edge, remember to stay close to the lash line you can also use a liquid or gel line as Lauren Conrad has in this picture, however a shadow instead of a liner can look great for everyday. 

4. Apply two coats of mascara, my personal favorite is Maybelline The Falsies. 

To finish apply a nude lipstick, Loreal Fairest Nude is a lovely color but a tinted lip balm such as Dior Creme De Rose Smoothing Plumping Lip Balm is the ultimate indulgence and adds just a touch of color. 

Hope you enjoy re-creating this look, you can swop products for similar ones you own or use the same products but remember the focus is on lightly tanned skin with a healthy flush and softly defined eye x

Maybelline BB Cream Review


Recently I bought the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I bought it from the local Tesco after seeing the great reviews online and also the very persuasive advert! So here is my review of this bb cream and what I think about it after a one week trial.

The consistency is very strange, it feels quite dry yet you only need a small amount to cover the whole face so it spreads very well.

Skin type
The bb cream is more like a tinted moisturiser rather than a bb cream and whilst it gives a lovely glow, if you have a dry skin you would definitely need to apply a moisturiser. I have oily skin and only needed to use this all day and I didn’t need to re-apply. I tried it on my sister and she found it too dry and so the next day tried it with her usual moisturiser and it worked much better.

Sun protection
The sun protection is great for everyday as it is SPF 30 and so no need for the extra step of a sun cream or moisturiser if you have oily to normal skin.

Compliments skin tone
I have very pale skin without fake tan and chose the light colour although the lady in Tesco told me to get universal glow which was orange!The colour matched my skin perfectly and after a couple of minutes the colour settled and looked just like my skin only better.

Hydrates all day
As stated before I have oily skin and this worked great for me, my sister has dry skin and when using it the first day on its own she had to moisturise again by dinner time.

Blurs imperfections
I have a large amount of redness in my skin around my nose and on my cheeks which it really blurred. For every day I haven’t been using concealer but if I am going shopping I have to put a bit on.

Feels fresh
With this you feel like you have nothing on at all. It is the most comfortable moisturiser I have worn.

£7.99 and one I will definitely purchase again. This is the most satisfied I have been with any drugstore product.

My New Fitness Routine


Recently I have noticed a few areas of concern that I wanted to tone up. The main ones being my bum, legs and stomach.

I have always been happy with my size and have been lucky to be around a size 8-10 for as long as I can remember, however having IBS has meant that sometimes I look bloated which has always been something I have been self conscious of. I also have a really flat small bum which I would like to look a bit curvier.

So my boyfriend had an operation and just got out of the hospital and can’t do a lot of exercise and I am not sure quite what needs to be done but the two of us have started to get in shape.

It all started with a pedometer app on my iPhone which basically calculates the amount of steps you take, translates it in to kilometres and tells you the calories you have burnt. You can input your measurements and a goal weight and it can calculate how much walking you need to do each day.

So a couple of nights ago we went to buy trainers and decided we would start walking.

Luckily where we both live has a park close by and so we have been managing to do 3 kilometres. We found according to our pedometer doing this each night after our evening meal we can burn up to 200 calories! How easy?! not a sweat broke and keeping fit also.

As he continues to recover we are going to try swimming and other things, he basically wants to tone his stomach and also make his chest and arms a bit bigger.

So I would be really interested about your keep fit tips, considering the areas we want to tone do you have any ideas of some exercise we can do? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

How To Get: Flawless Perfect Pins

Now if you are from England then you know we haven’t had a summer this year. It’s mainly rained and been very depressing, but us Brits love to make the most of one day of sun and we never really have much warning! So this is just a guide for if you want to take on the shirt and shorts trend on how to get perfect pins instantly.

Okay, so hopefully you know you are going somewhere nice and the weather will be good the night before so here are the steps to follow for perfect pins:

1.) De-fuzz, this can be by any method you prefer, I personally like to use hair removal cream as shaving brings me out in a rash.

2.) Exfoliate, if you are going to use a fake tan afterwards don’t use a scrub with oil in and remember to do your feet!

3.) Fake tan, whether you like a dark tan or something light such as ‘Dove Summer Glow’ apply this the night before, a tan for your legs looks great even if you are darker skinned as it evens the complexion.

So now your legs will be looking pretty gorgeous the next day and most people would stop there, but if you are going somewhere really special and want your legs to be a real feature then you need to do these two steps:

4.) Apply body make up such as ‘MAC Face and Body Foundation’ this will even out any redder parts, bruises or blemishes and give you a flawless look like Caroline Flack who has reportedly sworn by the stuff.

5.) To finish if you were really wanting your legs to make an impact then use a body highlighter of shimmer just down the centre of your legs in a strip this makes your legs look thinner and also gives them a healthy sheen.

So you may have wanted to stop after number three or perhaps you are looking for a more flawless look, either way I can assure you people will be looking at those pins!!

Looking Good Without Make-Up

Looking good and feeling great when wearing no make up isn’t something we can all do. A lot of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian look great without make up because their skin is a great colour and they are blessed with no discolouration but for the average person removing your make up can be a difficult task.

I remember when my boyfriend saw me without make up for the first time and I was so scared to show my skin underneath, so this blog is if you want to be able to have a make up free day and still look good.

Step 1:
We all know the benefits of drinking lots of water and eating fruit and vegetables but it is definitely true when it comes to your skin, nails and hair. Eating right and drinking water really helps the skin.

Step 2:
Exercise is another great health tip which improves the look of your skin as it does a lot for your circulation.

Step 3:
White teeth make anyone’s skin look great as they attract attention towards your mouth and away from your imperfections. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, buy some white strips or a great toothpaste that will whiten your teeth, no matter whether they are straight or not whitened teeth make you look healthy and more attractive. No one cares if they aren’t straight but it is nice for then to look clean and healthy.

Step 4:
Groom your eyebrows. The first time you do it go to a brow bar and get it done. The first time may cost you but after that you can pluck them yourself and stick to the shape. The brow bar can suggest a shape for your face. Groomed eyebrows frame the face and there is a reason some of the most beautiful women like Audrey Hepburn made such a focus on there eyebrows.

Step 5:
Keep your face and body moisturised, wether you choose to use a facial oil or moisturiser then make sure you cleanse thoroughly and moisturise twice a day. Don’t use any products that leave your skin tight and red afterwards.

And finally if you want to cheat and look really great a moisturiser with a hint of fake tan evens the skin tone and gives you a luminous look you can pretend you have all the time! But really that is cheating!


Contour & Highlight – Bronzed Summer Look

Lisa Eldridge is one of the UKs best make up artists. Regularly working with celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Emma Watson. This video shows the powerful effect contour and highlight can have. Have a look at Lisa’s channel.

Getting A Kate Middleton Blow Dry

Getting a Kate Middleton blow dry looks like a hard task. Her hair is so beautifully coifed it seems that other than spending 40 minutes at the hands of a celebrity hairdresser this look would be impossible to do at home.

We all saw Kate Middleton and Andy Murray’s girlfriend at Wimbledon parading there fabulous blow dries. Kate had gone for a more ‘done’ look whereas the tennis stars girlfriend had opted for a more relaxed blow dry.

Creating this look at home:

Step 1:
After washing your hair thoroughly in the shower and washing out all of your conditioner thoroughly apply a thickening cream or spray to the roots or if you have thick hair a smoothing cream.

Step 2:
Rough dry your hair till it is half dry using your fingers and your hair dryer.

Step 3:
Section your hair into small sections (the size that would fit around a medium or large roller) then using a hair dryer with a nozzle and a round brush pull the hair downwards in the brush slowly, smoothing the hair shaft downwards.

Step 4:
After each section is dried put a large Velcro roller in straight away and clip. Your hair should wrap around your roller and be rolled under for best results. This will make sure your hair stays in and is what gives it that celebrity blow dry look.

Step 5:
Once you have finished the whole head in rollers wait for them to cool completely before removing.

Voila! A Kate Middleton blow dry.

Clear Skin In 5 Easy Steps

Acne and spots are problems we have all encountered at some point in our lives (unless of course you are really lucky). I have always struggled with spots and they can crop up anywhere on your body not just your face. I am now 22 and have only just managed to sort out my skin and it has been much clearer for some time. I still have problems with my skin but often these are hormone based and I know when I will be getting an attack of acne. The main thing to remember is a great skin routine will work wonders at keeping your skin clear the majority of the time, so if you do have hormonal break outs then your skin is clear to begin with and you may only get a couple of spots that are easy to cover. 

Okay so here are my 5 steps, the work for me and may not work for you but they are worth a try:

1: Sudocreme- If I have a large spot or a rash of a few spots and need to get rid of them overnight then this product creates the most difference. It is really cheap to buy and specifically states can be used on acne so of course would work on normal spots too and is entirely safe for your face. I dab the cream on to the spot, rub in and the next day the spot has reduced by around half of its size. This may just be my skin but it is worth a try as it is so cheap to buy. 

2: Cleanse twice- You don’t have to use expensive cleansers but you really need to make sure that all of your make-up is gone. In my experience problem skin is often due to not taking my make-up off correctly. For instance, if you think about sleeping in your make up after you have been out, (which i would recommend never doing by the way!) often you can wake up with a spot or two from your pores clogging. So if you imagine your skin not being cleansed properly this will have the same effect. So cleanse twice to make sure all of your make-up is removed.

3: Don’t use harsh products- If your skin feels tight after you have washed it you are damaging it. If you are using alcohol based toners or soapy face washes then stop now. Drying out your skin causes you to produce more oil which can clog pores creating spots. I recommend using cleansing milks and oils rather than face washes. If you do use a face wash just make sure your skin doesn’t feel tights afterwards. It doesn’t mean your skin is clean if it feels tight it means that your skin is stinging from the ingredients. 

4: Don’t pick!- I know how much you may want to pick a spot but it the worst thing you can do. Picking and squeezing causes scarring and actually takes longer for the spot to heal. It scabs and then leaves a scar and you will find you can cover with concealer the spot much better without it being scabbed and at night time treat the spot and you will notice a difference by the next day. 

5: Treat yourself to a facial massage once a week. Use cleansing oil and massage your face starting with your cheeks and massaging upwards, then your forehead, then up your neck. Use a warm muslin cloth or flannel and remove the oil and then massage some moisturizer in.  This improves the circulation of your skin and will remove dead skin cells as well as rejuvenating your skin. Perfect to wake up dull skin and give it extra vibrancy and in turn helps with cell production which helps with clearer skin.